Skilled Nursing Cottages

Home Environment
The Cottages offer a model for long-term care that is designed to provide a home environment.  Licensed as skilled nursing, they meet all applicable federal and state regulatory requirements.  12 elders live in each cottage and enjoy a private bedroom and full bathroom and share the comfort of a common area which includes the warmth of a living room, open kitchen and dining as well as an outdoor patio area.  Conversation and companionship occur around meals which take place together at the dining room table.

Each home is staffed by a team of universal workers, known as Elder Sharath.  The staffLangemo has core training as Certified Nursing Assistants (C.N.A.’s) plus additional training in cottage philosophy, the self-managed work team, culinary skills, and household management.  Elder Sharaths provide personal care, meal preparation, laundry and light housekeeping among other duties.

A clinical support team includes nurses, social workers, occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech therapists, dieticians, pharmacists, pastoral care staff, activities and nutrition service professionals.  These professionals work under the direction of the physician and in collaboration with the Elder, the Sharath, and the family.  Nurses serve each cottage on a 24-hour basis.  The other clinical professionals on the team visit the cottages as individual elders require.

The cottage team collaborates to create a daily routine that meet an elder’s individual needs.  There is no predetermined routine, facilitating their independence and the ability to pursue individual interests.

Cottage Philosophy of Care

  • Provide encouragement and support to help the Elder maintain their highest level of functioning by participating in every day decision making within the cottage.
  • Provide a safe and secure environment.
  • Provide appropriate stimulation and challenges to maximize autonomy and choices.
  • Provide opportunities for maintaining community and family ties.
  • Provide support and encouragement for family involvement.
  • Provide and respect the need for privacy.  Be mindful of dignity.

Assisted Living Cottages
An Assisted Living Cottage is an independent self-contained home for 12 elders and provides care for those who are in the first stages of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.  This home-like setting provides elder-centered care allowing decisions to be made closest to the elder.  Each cottage provides a welcoming place of comfort, safety and refuge.  Every elder has a private room and private bath, as well as easy access to an open kitchen, living room, den and outdoor patio.  Elders are invited to help with meal preparation, if desired, and meals are eaten as a group at a 15-foot, hand-made table, in the dining room.
Each Cottage is staffed by at least two universal workers called “Elder Sharath”.  The Elder Sharath provides assistance with personal cares, meal preparation, laundry and housekeeping.  A nurse serves each Cottage seven days per week.  The staff has core training as a Certified Nursing Assistant (C.N.A.) along with additional training in the Cottage philosophy; creating a nurturing home environment where elders have their own identity.

Call Joan Fawcett at 655-5634 for inquiries for memory care (Langemo and Moorberg) and also Powers Cottage.

Powers Cottage Floor Plan

Moorberg Cottage Floor Plan

Langemo Cottage Floor Plan