CNA Training

St. John’s United provides an accredited nursing assistant training program for individual who are interested in pursuing a career in healthcare. St. John’s conducts this training as a community benefit. The program offers 80 hours of training over 10 days. The class consists of both classroom and clinical training and is taught by qualified licensed nurse instructors. All practical training is performed side by side with healthcare professionals at St. John’s. After successful completion of the course, students are eligible to test for the Montana State Certification and are also eligible to apply for employment at St. John’s.  The cost to take this course is normally $800, however we are currently and ONLY offering this class at no charge to selected applicants who are able to commit to working for St. John’s United up to but not limited to 1 year of employment.   

Each new nursing assistant must successfully pass a State Certification Exam in order to practice as a C.N.A. For more information on Montana specific regulations, contact Headmaster at (406) 442-8656

For more information on St. John’s C.N.A. training, call the Information Hotline at (406) 655-5627 and if you have further questions, you  may contact Kylie Hartse, Human Resources Employment Coordinator at (406) 655-5920.

All applicants will need to apply at to be considered for the paid in training class.  

Now accepting applications!

Dates of the next available C.N.A. class:


  • August 5th – 9th & August 14th – 22nd
  • September 4th – 19th

Future classes to be announced.