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Thank you for visiting the SJU Employee Resource Center.  Below you’ll find links for resources regarding current events taking place at SJU campuses.  The information below is considered official as approved by the Incident Command Team.

Current Protocols (password protected)
7-23-2020 SJU COVID-19 Control Protocols (password = united)

Press Releases
July 11, 2020
June 13, 2020

Employee COVID-19 Testing Signup
St. John’s Surveillance Testing at Employee Health Clinic
Mission Ridge Baseline and Surveillance Testing at Nelles Nooke
Wyndstone Baseline and Surveillance Testing

Frequently Asked Questions:

(Refer to the current SJU COVID-19 Control Protocol document above for further clarification on any FAQ).  Current protocols will always override FAQ’s.

Q.  What to do if I have any COVID-19 symptoms?
A.  Contact your supervisor prior to starting any shifts.

Q.  Why do staff need to wear goggles?
A.  Why We Wear Goggles  

Q.  Are all staff required to utilize the Accushield kiosk entry devices?
A.  Yes – Only staff who have checked in via kiosk are permitted into any SJU facility.  Staff must check in twice during each shift if any active COVID-19 cases have been identified in a facility.  Staff will wear paper badges to indicate their last check in date/time.

Q. What if I’m planning to travel outside of Yellowstone County or out of state?
A. Speak with your supervisor and refer to the latest protocols listed above under “Staff Reporting Events”

Q. How do SJU protocols pertain to a spouse or another member of the household?
A.  SJU asks that all members of employee households take precautions to follow guidance by the CDC and state to limit exposure of COVID-19 to themselves or any SJU employee to keep our residents safe.  Please notify your supervisor of such activities so best precautions can be made.

Q. Can I go to church while working at St. John’s during the pandemic?
A. We hope that your church is following social distancing and best practices while holding service, please ensure that you are extra careful and follow SJU social distance guidelines while at church.

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