Guidance & Management Policy

We feel that all children shall have a positive and safe place to grow and learn.  The Center for Generations strives to provide a positive and safe atmosphere for the children attending the Center.  Below are guidance/discipline techniques that are used at the Center for Generations.

Modeling:  We believe that children will imitate behaviors that are observed.  Therefore, our providers shall set good examples of appropriate behavior.

Prevention:  We believe that a child care environment shall be designed developmentally appropriate and to allow for children to self select their activities.

Choices:  We strive to provide children with choices to dictate their behavior.  Suitable choices are given to children to help them develop positive self-esteem and decision-making abilities.

Redirection:  We believe that redirecting a child or group away from a problem and moving toward a constructive activity or solution will decrease conflict.

Problem Solving:  We work with children to solve their own disputes and problems.  By helping children to set their own boundaries and communicate their boundaries to others, we are encouraging positive pro-social development. (using their words)

Responsibility:  We believe that children shall be responsible for their choices, behavior, and actions.  We help children to accept responsibility and to problem solve a solution.

Safety:  We believe that children and staff shall be safe from violence, physical and verbal abuse.

Consequences:  We believe that appropriate consequences are necessary to help guide a child’s behavior.  The Center for Generations does not endorse or use forms of negative discipline.  Corporal punishment is not tolerated at the Center.