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    3940 Rimrock Road
    Billings, MT 59102



    “We are blessed to have angels among us.”
    – Lazetich and Moses families

    “Please, as you go through your days, let your staff know that my family and I saw God’s love at St. John’s.”

    “What you do is a priceless gift so it must be a labor of love.”
    – J.D. Frelinger

    “Your selfless devotion to the care of the elderly and infirmed reinforces what Christ told us about caring for the least among us.”

    “’Grams’ was blessed to be a part of St. John’s.”

    “When I would take my mother to my home and visit, she would say, ‘I guess you’d better take me home; they will be wondering what happened to me.’”

    “We thank you for the gift of love…and for proving to us that it really does exist!”
    – Marcia Spalding


    “All staff from the Window Washer to the CEO are valued and important…and are told often.”
    – The Nursing Staff

    “To have no arms is a serious handicap. One of the arms of the Church is St. John’s Lutheran Home.”
    – Ocee Johnson

    “We are God’s hands in love in action.”

    “I feel the spirit of God in every hallway, in every corner, in every room.”


    “This place sure isn’t like home…it’s better!”

    “Living here makes growing old seem so worthwhile.”

    “The staff are so full of caring and love, they must have been picked by God above.”

    “My thanks pours out to St. John’s…and then I place my care to God again.”

    “I used to think you had to die to go to heaven, but you don’t. I found it at St. John’s and in the care they give you.”


    “An outstanding presence in the community.”

    “St. John’s lives and breathes joining hearts in hope.”

    “St. John’s is an answer to prayer.”

    “I wish I could bottle up the way I feel when I visit St. John’s and take it home and spread it around.”

    “St. John’s atmosphere radiates love and compassion.”


    “I am humbled by the unconditional, Christ-like love and strive to model that when I exit the doors of St. John’s.”

    “The walls of St. John’s tell the Gospel message every time I visit.”


    For more than 40 faithful years, St. John’s Lutheran Ministries has provided faithful service to God’s people on your behalf. Thank you for allowing this ministry to prosper and provide in Jesus name