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  • Volunteer Opportunities

    Caring individuals can volunteer their time and talents to assist our staff and residents. Below are positions which includes Activities, Volunteers, and Senior Day Services.

    Senior Day Services Volunteer Assistant

    We have a Senior Day Program where elders from the community come to St. John’s to spend the day (8:00-4:30 Monday-Friday) while family is working, needs a respite break, etc. The program is staffed with a full-time activity coordinator. We utilize volunteers on a daily basis – they assist the coordinator in visiting with the clients, transporting those in wheelchairs to various activities, serving snacks and lunch, etc. This is a close-knit group of people and an excellent volunteer opportunity. Volunteers can work a variety of shifts – half or whole day, lunch periods, etc. We have a general orientation which includes an overview of the organization, policies and benefits of volunteering at St. John’s. Further training and support for this position comes from the activity coordinator.

    Walking Companion

    Time Commitment: One hour intervals during daylight hours. May be done independently or in groups of two or three. Duties will include identifying residents who might want to go for a walk around the campus; assisting a resident with a coat or hat if needed; walking with a resident, or pushing them in a wheelchair around the campus for a leisurely stroll; conversing with residents and returning them to their unit/room.

    Out of Facility Companion

    Time Commitment: Schedule varies, mostly day time hours and scheduled according to resident outings. Duties would include accompanying residents on scheduled trips out of our facility such as Christmas Shopping, Circus, etc. The volunteer would have to be able to push a resident in a wheelchair, and provide socialization and reassurance.

    Friendly Visitor Volunteer

    Time Commitment: Approximately one hour intervals in the day or early evening hours. Volunteers would provide one-to-one companionship with elders by reading newspapers, magazines and books to them, playing cards or board games, listening to music, etc.

    Bingo Helper

    Time Commitment: One hour in mid-morning or mid-afternoons. Volunteers assist elders who need help in seeing their Bingo cards or learning to play the games, passing out prizes, etc.

    Letter Writing

    Time Commitment: One hour intervals. Duties include identifying elders who would like help in writing a letter, write the letter and assist the elder in getting a stamp, putting it in the mailbox, etc.


    We are always in need of volunteers willing to share their musical talents. Performances can be scheduled at your convenience.

    Special Event Volunteer

    Time Commitment: Approximately two hours generally in the mid-afternoon or early evening. We hold many special events for the residents on holidays such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, etc. Duties would include assisting residents to and from the event, setting up and clearing, serving refreshments, etc.

    To inquire about the positions listed above, please contact Shelly Hoovestal, Special Service Coordinator at 655-5638, or fill out the Contact Form online.